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Digital Banking Accounts


Do you picture yourself buying a home, starting a side business or improving your financial security? If your big financial picture has been fuzzy, using the All Accounts feature can bring it all into focus.

The tool links nearly all your accounts in one place - even ones from other financial institutions including savings, investments, credit cards and loans - providing valuable insight on your financial activity.

It's like a financial selfie!

See the Advantages of All Accounts

blue camera icon

Clear financial snapshot

Now you can get a clear snapshot and monitor all your financial activity, in one place.

orange money icon

Track your budget

An accurate view of your finances can help you maintain a realistic budget.

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Stay in the loop

Set notifications which are important to you, like low balance or upcoming payments.

Want to know more?


The All-New Experience

The All-New Experience

Want to link all of your accounts in one place? Watch the video to learn how to link your accounts.

Get To Know the App Better

Get To Know the App Better

Want to get to know the app better? Take the tour and view the demos.


This video is a generic overview of the features available with our mobile app.  Some features may not be available for CPB customers.