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Digital Banking Budgets


If you like the idea of achieving your financial goals - like having a healthy emergency fund or owning a home - then you’re going to love the Budgets functions of the new simple and secure mobile banking app.

Budgets provides a summary of your spending to help you figure out where you can make adjustments so you're no longer just thinking of your money goals but you're actively pursuing them.

I have a bubble budget!

See the Advantages of Budgets

blue eye icon


Budget bubbles draw your eye to areas that most need your attention, like red bubbles when you've exceeded your limit.

orange effortless icon


Your budget is auto-generated based on your average spending and can be adjusted as needed.

green predictive


Your projected income is automatically calculated to help you plan for the month.

Did You Know?

In the new mobile banking app, you'll still have access to the features you're accustomed to — but better. Take Transactions history as an example. Soon, you can use this function to:

  • Categorize your finances.
  • Review recent spending over all your accounts.
  • Identify subscriptions so you can cancel services you don't use.

Want to know more?


Learn how to use budgets

Learn how to use Budgets

What's the health of your finances? Watch the video to learn how to customize your budget.

how the transactions feature works

How the Transactions feature works.

Learn how this feature helps you stay on top of your finances.