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Digital Banking Cash Flow


Put down your pen and paper. Close your excel sheet. There's now an easier way to chart the ebb and flow of money in your accounts. It's called Cash Flow, and it's available in the simple and secure mobile banking app.

The Cash Flow function will forecast when your money tide will be high, such as from a deposited paycheck or earned interest from a savings account. It'll also calculate the dips caused by activity like paying the cable bill or school tuition.

Your money is flowing.

See the Advantages of Cash Flow

blue forecast icon

Financial forecast

Plan for the cash you need today, and prepare for what you'll need for the future.

orange budgeting icon

Better budgeting

Ensure your spending matches your priorities. If it's not aligned, you can quickly make adjustments.

green setup icon

Simple setup

The app does the work for you by searching through your spending and deposit history to find recurring events.

Did You Know?

A regular review of your Cash Flow can help you manage the impact of recurring payments and deposits. You’ll be equipped to budget for the things you need now, and you’ll be able to predict your income and living costs so you can better plan for future expenses.

Want to know more?


cash flow tool tutorial

Get to know your Cash Flow

Learn how this tool can help you improve your financial forecast.

get to know the app better

Get to know the App better

Want to learn more about the app? Take the tour and view the demos.


This video is a generic overview of the features available with our mobile app.  Some features may not be available for CPB customers.