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Layer 192

Sms Text Banking

SMS Text Commands

Command Information
BALANCE, BAL, B Request available balances for all linked accounts.
DETAILS Request details for a specified account.
(DETAILS <account> )
example: DETAILS My Checking
TRANSACTIONS, STATEMENT, HISTORY, RECENT, TRAN Request a statement for the specified account.
(TRANS <account> )
example: TRANS My Checking
TRANSFER, XFER, X Transfer money from the default account to a specified account.
(XFER <amount> TO <account identifier> )
example: XFER 100.00 TO Savings

Example #2
(XFER <amount> FROM <account identifier a> TO <account identifier b> )
example: XFER 100.00 FROM Checking TO Savings
HELP Request Help
HELP ALL Request List of all available actions
STOP, END, QUIT Disable mobile channels


  • Each text message request authenticates separately by checking that the mobile number of the device used to send the request corresponds to the device number registered for the user initiating the transaction.
  • Account values used by text commands are the account nickname used within Online Banking or a masked account number, and do not contain any unmasked account numbers.

Important Information:

CPB Mobile Banking is free to all CPB Online Banking customers. Enrollment in CPB Online Banking is required to access CPB Mobile Banking. Standard data and SMS fees apply. Contact your wireless carrier for details.