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Maui Humane Society's Cat MASH

January 17, 2017

Maui Humane Society's Cat MASH

This past weekend, eleven volunteers representing CPB's Maui team assisted the Maui Humane Society in their Cat Mash (Mobile Animal Surgery Hospital) event. The event was a free four-day spay/neuter clinic that is held for the Maui community. Members of the Humane Society from across the country come together to provide these free clinics to communities in need.

Over the four-day span, 619 cats were spayed and neutered. The Maui team had one of their volunteers, Kelli Myers, from Business Banking, work in one of the recovery rooms with the cats that were just waking up from the anesthesia. The other 10 volunteers worked in greeting and registration. The team was able to successfully help the Humane Society raise $1592 on Saturday to support future clinics. The Maui CPB team members that participated were Kelli Myers, Jason Williams, Kaitlin Lawrence, April Vidad, Delia Kaniaupio, Jaselyn Texeira, Janis Acoba, Dominie Opena, Marissa Palting, Rainelle Hirata, Sherlyn Fukumoto, and Annie Casem.