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Monkeypod Kitchen on HI Now

January 13, 2020

Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman is a local business that goes beyond serving delicious meals, by taking pride in supporting the local community. Monkeypod Kitchen works with local farms and farmers, like MA’O Farms and Ka’ahumanu Farms. These farms are non-profit organizations that exist to provide a sustainable future for Hawaii, by creating a self-sufficient farm that produces adequate amounts of food while managing its land and water resources sustainably. Farms like Ka’ahumanu and MA’O provide jobs for the local communities, changing the climate economically and in a sustainable fashion.

In this HI Now segment, Executive Chef Jose Gonzalez-Maya shares more about Monkeypod Kitchen and some of their featured dishes. Jose Gonzalez-Maya has risen through the ranks over the past eight years with Monkeypod Kitchen. He began his career with Monkeypod Kitchen as a cook at Monkeypod Kitchen Wailea in 2011. He moved to Oahu in 2012 to open Monkeypod Ko Olina as a kitchen manager and was promoted to Executive Chef of the restaurant in 2015. Jose is dedicated to carrying Peter Merriman’s torch by working closely with local farms and farmers to get the best quality produce and support our local communities.