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◄  Back to Search Results  |  January 26, 2021

Central Pacific Bank Reintroduces Itself to The People of Hawaii

Central Pacific Bank Reintroduces Itself to The People of Hawaii

HONOLULU, HI | January 26, 2021 – Central Pacific Bank (CPB) today unveiled an historic transformation – including a newly refreshed brand, new community spaces, and new digital products signaling a renewed commitment to serving customers in the digital-first world. To fulfill on its promise to be the place Where People Like Banking, CPB also announced the launch of several major initiatives: 

  • Digital Banking – A new mobile app to deliver on CPB’s commitment to be a provider of best-in-class digital
  • Central Pacific Plaza – New spaces for the community, breathing new life into Downtown Honolulu.
  • Flagship Main Branch – A glimpse into CPB’s
  • [email protected] – A modern co-working space in the heart of Honolulu – At CPB, “our office is your ”
  • Kai nuʻu o Kanaloa – A new must-see work of art designed to bring the waves of Hawaii to the digital

“CPB’s transformation is over a year in the making and despite the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m proud of our employees and partners for achieving these milestones,” shared Paul K. Yonamine, Executive Chairman, Central Pacific Bank. “Today reaffirms our commitment to becoming a modern, digital-first bank with the exceptional service CPB customers are accustomed to receiving.”

A New Look

Taking cues from mid-century modern design seen across the Islands, CPB’s new brand connects its past to a bold new future. In contrast to the minimalist word mark, CPB also introduced new signature colors like swell, sand, papaya, and plumeria, and a portfolio of custom illustrations that work together to capture the beauty and vibrancy of Hawaii.

“Great brands are built from the inside out, and at every step of the way, we listened and collected input from our customers and our employees,” said Catherine Ngo, President, Central Pacific Bank. “In fact, every single one of our employees participated in a brand workshop to refine our values and to align on a vision for the future.”

The personality of CPB’s new brand can be experienced through a series of new television commercials now airing on TV, marrying the bank’s visual identity with unscripted soundbites from real CPB customers, who tell us in their own words why CPB is Where People Like Banking.

Digital Banking

CPB is committed to be a provider of best-in-class digital technology. CPB’s online banking and mobile banking app provide sophisticated, yet easy-to-use financial management tools such as managing all of your accounts from CPB and other institutions in one place, setting budgets and monitoring cash flow, and being able to make person-to-person payments digitally through Zelle. Opening a checking or savings account or applying for a personal loan can now be done entirely online. And, if support is needed, there is an option to book an appointment to meet with a representative. CPB’s digital banking experiences are designed for today’s evolving needs – delivering leading technology with a human touch.

Central Pacific Plaza

Central Pacific Plaza is breathing new life into Downtown Honolulu. The new ground-floor lobby transforms the corner of South King and Alakea streets into a modern and welcoming community hub in the heart of Honolulu. Central Pacific Plaza is now home to CPB’s Flagship Main Branch, its new coworking space named [email protected], Aloha Beer Company, and the first Starbucks Pickup in Hawaii.

Adhering to strict health and safety standards, the lobby furniture and seating configurations have been temporarily adjusted to account for social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and patrons of the space are required to wear face coverings. A thermal screening camera, developed by NEC, the same technology being used at Hawaii airports, is positioned at one of the lobby’s main entryways to augment health monitoring.

Flagship Main Branch

CPB’s Flagship Main Branch is a glimpse into the future of CPB. It’s the first branch to integrate enhanced digital banking options, including smart ATMs with increased functionality – like the ability to withdraw cash in various bill denominations – and an open floor concept to optimize customer flow. These new capabilities will roll out to other branches in CPB’s network throughout the year.

[email protected]

The inspiration for [email protected] is simple – “our office is your office.” Located within the lobby of Central Pacific Plaza, [email protected] is equipped with several meeting rooms, private phone booths, and common area seating that small business owners, qualified non-profits, and other remote or teleworking professionals can use by making a reservation online at Adjacent to [email protected] are Starbucks and Aloha Beer Company, offering everything you might need to stay fueled, from locally brewed beer on tap to food items like flatbreads, sandwiches, and pastries.

Kai nuʻu o Kanaloa

Kai nuʻu o Kanaloa, or “Kai” for short, is a must-see art installation commissioned by CPB and a new icon in Downtown Honolulu. Located in the lobby of Central Pacific Plaza, Kai is a kinetic sculpture that synchronizes with data transmitted from offshore buoys throughout the Hawaiian Islands. The installation’s instruments recreate the movement and sounds of the ocean in real-time. “Kai,” the ocean, rises to “Nuʻu,” the peak. “Kanaloa,” one of the four great gods of the Hawaiian Pantheon, is god of the sea and the tides. Like CPB, Kai nuʻu o Kanaloa honors a deep connection to Hawaii and embraces a new digital future.

“We’re changing everything, except what people love most about CPB,” said Kevin Dahlstrom, Chief Marketing Officer, Central Pacific Bank. “More than ever, people will be looking for a voice in banking that demonstrates empathy, understanding, and humanity. These are the qualities at the heart of our business. We have a legacy of inclusion, an unwavering commitment to exceptional service, and deep local ties to the community.”

To stay connected for more surprises and new offerings from CPB all year long, visit, follow us on Instagram at @CPB_Hawaii, on Twitter at @CPBHawaii, and on Facebook and LinkedIn at @CentralPacificBank.