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◄  Back to Search Results  |  August 11, 2022

Upgraded Phone System at our Customer Service Center

Upgraded Phone System at our Customer Service Center

As we continue to strive for superior customer service across all facets of our bank, we are excited to announce the integration of a brand-new upgraded phone system at our Customer Service Center. This upgrade will help enhance the customer call experience and will provide quick and easy access to assist their needs.

Like many new upgrades, there are a few changes that customers may not be accustomed to at first. The main difference is that we will be eliminating natural driven prompts (press 1 for an option) and introducing natural language intents (voice-based command), which will help effectively guide calls so that customers are more accurately routed to the appropriate representative. Most modern phone systems across the country utilize this function.

Though these changes may seem different at first, these upgrades have immense benefits to enhance the customer experience.

What benefits can customers expect after this upgrade?

  • Awareness: Estimated wait times will now be available, and we will continue to offer our call back feature to maintain your place in line. After business hours, Infoline (automated bank-by-phone) will still be available for balances, transactions, and account transfers. For more self-service digital features, visit and log in to Online Banking or feel free to leave us a voice message and a representative will call you back.
  • Convenience: Customers will have the ability to easily receive updated branch hours, locations and services offered, and the ability to schedule an appointment with a banker, all without having to speak with a representative.
  • Efficiency: Customers will experience faster access to the correct representative through enhanced call prompts.
  • Security: We will be introducing a two-factor customer authenticator for added account safety.

Customers will also have the ability to leave important feedback after their call with our new “Voice of the Customer Survey” feature. This will help us gain insight and help further enhance the customer experience.

These are just the first of many convenient enhancements you will notice when calling our Customer Service Center to make your experience quicker and easier. It’s all part of why people like banking with CPB.

What do customers need to do to prepare for this upgrade?

Nothing! With the growing needs of our customers, we want to ensure we provide the best experience possible when contacting us. We are confident these upgrades will help modernize the customer call experience and help serve the needs of our customers effectively and efficiently.

For more information about our new Customer Call Center experience, feel free to contact us at 808-544-0500 or toll-free at 1-800-342-8422