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Cash Management FAQs

Not only is this service easy to use, but it saves a business valuable time. Consider not having to make trips to the branch, not having to prepare deposit tickets and not having to sign or endorse the back of each check when making deposits.

This service is ideal for businesses that primarily deposit checks as opposed to cash, such as professional offices, contractors, wholesalers, physicians, attorneys and so forth. We normally offer a free consultation meeting with interested businesses to determine whether this service is right for their particular circumstances.

There’s a nominal one-time setup fee. There’s also tiered pricing, based on the number of checks scanned and the number of deposit accounts. Customers have the option of purchasing their own check scanner or using a bank-provided scanner at a nominal fee.

Once the necessary documents have been received and installation has been scheduled, the actual implementation and training can normally be accomplished in about an hour.

There’s no limit on how many checks can be processed through Remote Deposit Central. With computers that meet all of the required specifications, we're looking at a scan rate of approximately 50 checks per minute.

It’s the responsibility of the business to securely store the original checks and then destroy them after a 30-day period. The check image that results from scanning a check now becomes the legal replacement which will then be processed by the paying financial institution.

Remote Deposit Central is delivered over the Internet and uses SSL 128-bit encryption technology, the current standard for secure Internet activity. Additionally, only authorized users having the necessary login information are allowed to access this service.

There’ve been no major issues. In a few instances, checks with colorful backgrounds or light imprinting or those written with gel pens have caused some scanning difficulty. But in all such instances there are ways for the user to correct or improve on the scan quality.

Businesses in remote locations especially enjoy the time they save from traveling to and from their nearest branch. And, surprisingly, customers who are located just minutes away from a branch have also embraced this service.

Central Pacific Bank is the first Hawaii-based bank to introduce this service. Nationally, this state-of-the-art technology has been available since "Check 21" legislation went into effect in October 2004.

“Check 21” legislation resulted in the development of technology to capture and deliver check images directly to the bank. "Check 21" legislation allows electronic copies of checks to be accepted as legal substitutes for original paper checks, as long as copies meet certain requirements including a magnetic ink character recognition line at the bottom and an endorsement on the back of each check. With Remote Deposit Central, these are included automatically when checks are scanned.

After a careful review of several vendors, we selected a leading third-party vendor that has been involved in check processing and imaging for many years.

The response has been great and our users have been raving about Remote Deposit Central.