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Wire Transfers and International Drafts

Let Central Pacific Bank help your business make payments in Hawaii, on the Mainland, or abroad. You can either send a wire or purchase an international draft.

  • Wire Transfer

    A wire is a quick and efficient way to send money. You can specify if you want the funds to be sent in U.S. dollars or foreign currency.

  • International Draft

    A draft is a check-like instrument that can be denominated in foreign currency. Using a draft instead of a wire eliminates the need to supply the beneficiary bank information and account number. You can deliver the draft in person or mail it yourself to the ultimate beneficiary.

The process is simple and easy.

1. Our friendly and knowledgeable branch staff will assist you with your wire transfer or international draft. See branch directory for locations where this service is available.

Please note: international wire transfer requests will only be accepted by 10 a.m., Monday thru Friday, excluding federal holidays.

2. Please provide us with the following information:

For wire transfers:

  • Amount of the wire and type of currency
  • Name of the person to whom you are sending the wire (the beneficiary)
  • Branch location, including the bank name, city and country
  • Account number or International Bank Account Number (IBAN) of the beneficiary
  • Beneficiary's address (for international wires)
  • Beneficiary's phone number (required for Japan, Australia and Canada)

For international drafts:

  • Amount of the draft
  • Name and address of the beneficiary

3. Your Central Pacific Bank checking or savings1 account will be debited for the amount of the wire or draft and a separate wire or draft fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Transfer limitations apply to savings accounts. See branch for more information.

Central Pacific Bank is prohibited from directly or indirectly providing banking services to any person or entity that has been designated by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Information regarding OFAC sanctions programs can be found at