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Personal Loan

Personal Loan

If you need a lump sum of cash to consolidate high-interest debt or pay for a big purchase over time, we have your short-term borrowing needs covered. We offer competitive, fixed loan rates so you’ll always know what you owe and a convenient 60-month term1 to keep your payments manageable.

Personal Loan

  • Apply and receive an instant decision.
  • Next business day funding into your CPB deposit account.
  • Competitive fixed rates.
  • Convenient 60-month term.1
  • No penalty for paying off early.
  • Free CPB digital banking to track your loan repayment and link all your financial accounts in one place.
  • Connect your loan balance to your Exceptional Plan, unlocking additional benefits and valuable discounts.

Minimum loan amount is $5,000.00 and maximum loan amount is $50,000.00.

Note: Central Pacific Bank currently accepts Consumer Credit applications from Hawaii residents only.

Apply for a CPB Personal Loan Online

Applying for a Personal Loan online is secure, fast, and convenient. Review our tips to ensure your application experience goes as smoothly as possible.

Application Tips:

  • Read and accept the E-Sign Disclosure before continuing with the online application process.
  • The CPB Branch you select will determine which branch your loan is assigned to.
  • Valid sources for personal identification information include: U.S. Driver’s License, U.S. State Identification, U.S. Passport, or Military Photo Identification.
  • Before clicking the Next button, review your information for accuracy. 
  • You’ll receive an instant decision once your application is submitted.

Required documents include:

  • For loan requests over $10,000: copies of your pay stubs (last two pay periods); OR, if you are self-employed or wish to also include rental income, then copies of your Federal Income Tax Returns (last two years).
  • For loan requests over $25,000: copies of your pay stubs (last two pay periods) AND copies of your Federal Income Tax Returns (last two years).

1 Minimum monthly payment varies based upon the loan term and Annual Percentage Rate (APR).  For a typical loan with a 60-month term, the minimum monthly payment would be:

  • $217.42 per $10,000 borrowed at 11.00% APR.
  • $240.53 per $10,000 borrowed at 15.50% APR.

   Interest rate is based on individual’s credit report.