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Auto Loans 

Auto Loans 

Purchasing a new or used car or thinking about refinancing? Drive away with a low-rate loan, or save money by refinancing on your existing loan.

New/Used Auto Loan Purchase

Whether you're looking for a new or used vehicle, we can help you with your financing needs. CPB offers some of the most competitive rates and terms in town. With a CPB Auto Loan, you get a fixed interest rate and a fixed monthly payment to help you manage your budget. 

Plus, get free Online Banking access with your Auto Loan and your balances are eligible to count towards an Exceptional Checking plan, providing you with additional benefits and valuable discounts.

Minimum loan amount is $1,500.00 and maximum loan amount is $50,000.00.

Note: For new and used auto loans, Central Pacific Bank currently accepts applications for consumer credit from Hawaii residents only. 


Shaka AutoRefi Loan

Like your car but not your car payment? We can fix that by helping cut those payments so you can save money for other important living expenses.

With Shaka AutoRefi Loan, you can cruise toward lower car payments. Applying is quick and simple, and like all our Shaka products, done 100% online.

  1. Check your rate. Click the link below to check your rate in minutes. Checking your rate won’t affect your credit score.
  2. Confirm your details. Your information, vehicle and current car loan will be verified.
  3. Get your new loan. Drive off with lower monthly payments. 

If you’re looking for options to make your car payment more manageable, now is the time to consider refinancing with Shaka AutoRefi Loan. By locking in a lower rate, you could reduce your monthly payment and possibly save hundreds over the life of your loan.

Minimum loan amount is $5,000.00 and maximum loan amount is $50,000.00.