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Mobile Check Deposit Service

Now you can deposit your check at any time by using our Mobile Check Deposit Service through our mobile banking application. It's fast and easy and best of all it can be done at your convenience.

Mobile Check Deposit Service
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Enroll in a few simple steps.

Enroll in a few simple steps.

Our Mobile Check Deposit Service is easy to use. If you aren't already a mobile banking customer, enroll in a few simple steps.

  • Once enrolled, download our mobile banking application either from the Apple App store or Google Play store.
  • Select an account that you're depositing to.
  • Enter the check amount.
  • Take a picture of both sides of your check using your device's camera.
  • Don't forget to endorse the back of your check with your signature and write "For CPB Mobile Deposit Only".
  • Verify your deposit. Check the information on the verification screen and click Submit.


  • Step 1 Enroll in Mobile Banking
    • Are you enrolled in our Online Banking service? If not, enroll in our Online Banking service now.
    • Once you have successfully enrolled in Online Banking, you will be able to enroll in Mobile Banking. Follow these simple instructions to enroll in Mobile Banking.
  • Step 2 Download Mobile Banking Application
    • Download our Mobile Banking application by going to the appropriate store for your device.
    • Logon to the application and enter your Username and Password that you chose during the enrollment process.

  • Step 3 Deposit Check
    • To deposit a check, go to the "Deposit" item in the menu bar.

    • Select the "Deposit to" field to choose which account you'd like to deposit your check.

    • In the "Amount" field, enter in the value of the check without the dollar sign.
    • Tap the camera icon to take a photo of the front of the check.

    • Turn your mobile device sideways and make sure all four corners fit inside your screen.
    • If you need to retake the photo, select "Retake" and try again. Otherwise, select "Use Photo".
    • Tap the camera icon to take a picture of the back of the check. Use the same steps as you did the front.

    • Remember to endorse the back of the check by writing - FOR CPB MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY and your signature.


    • Maximum check amount = $5,000.
    • Focus and make sure lighting is good.
    • Make sure to capture all 4 corners of the check.
  • Step 4 Verify Deposit
    • Verify all of the information. Then click Submit. You'll see an on screen message that your deposit is successful. If your deposit was not accepted, you will receive a notice via email, mail or telephone stating why.
    • To verify your deposit has been made, go to Deposit History.

    • You will see a list of all deposits made. Click on a deposit to view the Deposit details.