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Cash Management

Cash Management

Keep close track of your cash flow and data to ensure your company’s financial health, including secure, accurate handling of accounts payable and receivable with our cash management accounts. We also provide efficient tools to help you reduce expenses. Watch a video demo to learn more.

Connect With Us

iBusiness Central

Manage your business at your desk or on the go.  Experience a greater level of detail and control of your balance and transaction history using iBusiness Central online banking.

  • Simple, secure access to your account
  • Real-time balance information, including pending transactions
  • 18 months of sortable online transactions (including the ability to view check and deposit images)
  • 18 months of online checking and savings statements
  • The ability to quickly download and export account information
  • Account alerts for changes and updates to your account
  • Real-time self-initiation of account transfers and stop payments
  • The ability to initiate ACH transactions and wire transfers
  • Control check fraud with Positive Pay1

ACH (Automated Clearing House) Services

ACH payments are faster and more secure than checks, which saves time and helps you streamline accounting. Generally, an ACH transfer has the lowest cost for processing a payment. We process ACH payments using our available software or your NACHA formatted ACH transactions.

Remote Deposit Central

Electronically capture the image of checks and deposit right from your desk. Simple, secure, and convenient,Remote Deposit saves you time commuting back and forth to your branch. A check scanner, computer, and high-speed Internet connection is all you need to use this service.

Information Management

Reconcile accounts more efficiently with detailed and timely reporting. Plus, improve business controls, reduce operational risks and idled balances, and decrease fraud.

In addition to the standard reconcilement process, we offer:

  • Zero Balance Accounts
    Better manage your daily cash position by consolidating balances into one account.
  • Deposit Identification
    Streamline and monitor your account activity across multiple locations.
  • Positive Pay
    Review all check exception items before the checks are even posted to your account. Your check issue information will be sent to our system and compared to the checks that are negotiated for payment to reduce risk of fraud and simplify reconcilement.

ACH Debit Block / Debit Filter Services

Protect your business accounts against unauthorized ACH transactions.

  • ACH Debit Block service stops the posting of all ACH debit transactions to a designated business account. Any ACH transaction that attempts to post to the account will be returned as unauthorized.
  • The ACH Debit Filter service only allows the posting of pre-defined authorized ACH debit transactions. You provide us with the companies authorized to debit your checking account (utilities, insurance, car payments, etc.), and Central Pacific Bank's ACH Debit Filter will allow only these payments to post to the designated account. All other ACH debit transactions will be returned as unauthorized.


Lockbox processing accelerates the conversion of check payments and funds availability in your accounts. We’ll receive, process and automatically deposit your remittance into your account. Funds credited same day if deposited prior to processing deadline.

Deposit Services

  • Night Deposit Service
    Make your deposit at any time, day or night, at convenient branch locations.
  • Cash Vault Service
    We can receive deposits through Armored Car Delivery, and provide you with Change Order Funds for your deposit and currency needs.

1. Requires enrollment in Positive Pay Service in addition to iBusiness Central.