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Debit Cards

Access your money from anywhere without having to carry cash.

Safer and easier than carrying cash, Central Pacific Bank has two powerful options for making purchases anywhere Mastercard® is accepted worldwide. Then, rest easy knowing you’re covered with Zero Liability1 for unauthorized purchases.

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Central Pacific Bank Platinum Debit Mastercard®

Using a Debit Mastercard® is safer than carrying lots of cash, plus you'll have Zero Liability1 for any unauthorized purchases, which means greater peace of mind. And, there's no need to write checks since purchases made with your Platinum Debit Mastercard® are deducted from your Central Pacific Bank account.

Private Banking Debit Mastercard®

As a Private Banking customer, you'll receive a Private Banking Debit Mastercard® that has worldwide acceptance, Zero Liability1 protection and Platinum Debit Mastercard® benefits. Plus, you'll receive benefits exclusively reserved for Private Banking Debit Card holders.

  1. See or call 1-800-Mastercard (1-800-627-8372) for details.