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Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit

Setting up direct deposit of your payroll, Social Security, or other government benefit checks into your Central Pacific Bank checking or savings account is simple and helps streamline your finances.

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3 Easy Ways to Get Started


Update your direct deposit utilizing our online digital transfer tool*, powered by Atomic™. Use the button below to log in to online banking to begin.


Use this form to set up your payroll direct deposit with your employer.

For your Social Security checks

For direct deposit of Social Security checks, contact the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 or www.ssa.gov/depositYou’ll need to provide your full checking account number and CPB routing number: 121301578.

* This function is accepted by most HR/payroll service providers. We recommend the manual option if the digital option is not supported by your employer.

Direct Deposit Benefits

  • Reliable – count on having your paycheck deposited every payday
  • Fast – access funds faster than depositing a check
  • Convenient – save time from having to go to a branch or ATM
  • Money management – allocate portions of your pay into different accounts

Maximize Your Account

Enroll in digital banking to make the most of your CPB account.


Having anytime, anywhere access to your account means being able to confirm quickly that funds are being deposited as expected. Other benefits include knowing your account balance, reviewing transaction history and accessing tools to help you achieve your financial goals.