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Business Online Banking

Central Pacific Bank's Business Online Banking is a fast and secure way to access your CPB business accounts.

Business Online Banking
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With Business Online Banking, you can authorize other users, like your accountant or office manager, to view and transact on your CPB business accounts. Each user can have his/her own username and password and you can add or remove users at any time. You can even determine the level of access each user has; whether it's choosing what accounts they can view, or choosing what actions they can take such as online bill pay, transferring funds, or making mobile check deposits. Business Online Banking is convenience and versatility all at your fingertips!

  • Manage Multiple Users & Permissions
  • Online Bill Pay and Popmoney
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Deposit
  • Real-time Account Balances / Pending Transactions
  • Transfer Funds
  • Check Images - front and back
  • Real-time Stop Payments
  • Security Alerts
  • Online Statements
  • 15-months Account Activity History
  • Download Transaction History
  • Electronic Document Delivery
All you need is:

All you need is:

  • A Central Pacific Bank account, visit your nearest branch to open an account today
  • An Internet connection
  • Supported browser software installed (This includes the three recent publicly available versions of ChromeTM, Internet Explorer®, Firefox® & Safari®.)

Optional ACH Package

Upgrade your Business Online Banking with an ACH Package and get all these features for just $0.50 per ACH item. 

  • ACH Payments – Send electronic payments to another party
  • ACH Receipts – Collect funds electronically from an individual party
  • ACH Collections – Collect funds electronically from multiple parties. Great for collecting rental payments, maintenance fees, recurring membership dues, tuition, etc.
  • EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment Service) Tax Payments – Make state and federal tax payments electronically
  • Payroll Direct Deposit – Credit your employees' checking or savings accounts regardless of where they are held in the U.S.

ACH functionality is subject to approval. ACH (Automated Clearinghouse) is an electronic network in the U.S. that allows for the transfer of funds between financial institutions.

Visit any branch or contact your banking officer to enhance your Business Online Banking with an ACH Package.

  1. Businesses enrolled in Online Banking before July 11, 2016 are receiving the same services as Personal Online Banking. To switch to Business Online Banking, please call our Customer Service Center or visit any branch.