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Increase Your Financial Education 

Increase Your Financial Education 


Learn about how your credit score affects you.

Most people know what they should be doing to maintain their physical health, but how many know what to do to take care of their financial health?

In today’s world, your financial health impacts your ability to purchase that new house, buy a car or even get a job. One important factor lenders look at is your credit score. This important piece of financial information can affect your ability to qualify for credit. So what affects your credit score and what can you do to improve or protect it?

- How will accepting that charge card offer or closing an old unused charge card affect your score?

- What happens to your score when you shop around for a loan by applying at multiple financial institutions?

- Will delaying payment hurt my credit?

Central Pacific Bank thinks that it is important that you understand how your actions can affect your credit score and ultimately, your ability to borrow money. Below are links to helpful sites that you can use to educate yourself on your financial health.

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VISA’s PracticalMoneySkills.com

VISA’s PracticalMoneySkills.com site is an exciting, fun and educational website which offers a variety of tools for learning and teaching wise financial habits. There are articles, financial games, helpful calculators, videos and even podcasts; something for everyone! Teachers and educators, there are even lesson plans for you covering grades from kindergarten to college age topics! Some examples of the innovative financial games are listed below. Check it out today!!

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FINRA’s SaveandInvest.org Military Center

FINRA’s SaveandInvest.org Military Center site is geared towards the military family and provides not only good basic financial education information, but also covers topics specific to our service members. The site is provided by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation in association with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Both FINRA Investor Education Foundation and FINRA are independent, not-for-profit organizations, whose mission includes financial education.

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