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The new CPB app

The new CPB app

Just one of several things that are wonderful!

We're a bank so it's our business to know all about money. But when it comes to providing the ultimate service to our customers, we know there's more to it than that. If you're searching for a positive change in how you bank, here it is. Below are 5 reasons why people across Hawaii are switching to CPB.

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1. Not just friendly, user-friendly.

Accessing your money should be convenient, easy and available on your time (not ours). We're committed to providing world-class digital banking tech. Our new mobile app provides anywhere. anytime convenience with features like money transfer, check deposit and person to person payment. And, it comes fully loaded with sophisticated tools that can improve your financial health. like personal net worth, budgeting, and automatic categorization of your expenses.


2. Built for you.

Did you know that our founders were WWII vets who led an impossible grassroots effort to establish CPB at a time when fellow community members were being turned away from the big banks? With a voyaging spirit and utter determination, they helped Hawaii families start small businesses and obtain home loans. Our founders had you in mind when they created CPB. Ever since, we've boldly stood for inclusivity, opportunity, and doing the right thing.

3. Bankers who know your name.

Coffee shops and beer halls are typical hangouts where people get to know each other by name, and at our CPB branches, we’ll get to know you too! Our customers are extended members of our ohana and knowing you by name is just one way we demonstrate exceptional service and that you’re much more than just a number.

On a side note, if you’ve never seen the combination of coffee, beer, and a bank, you’ll want to check out CPB’s flagship headquarters in Downtown Honolulu, home to Hawaii’s only Starbucks Pickup, Aloha Beer Co., and Tidepools – our new coworking space.

4. Epic giveaways.

Who doesn't love cool stuff? We have so much fun partnering with other businesses in Hawaii to giveaway epic prizes, and we're just getting started. We've given away swag like pins, stickers, chopsticks, socks, and prizes like our Kaimana Beach Hotel getaway. We've also enlisted 4x world champion surfer Carissa Moore to help us Pay it Forward, sending $100 to one lucky winner every day in May to spend at their favorite small business.

As part of the CPB ohana, you get to be among the first to hear about all the cool stuff we do just for fun.

5. Creative solutions to help the community.

Count on us to find creative solutions to support the issues affecting our community. Take for instance one of our most popular community programs: Keep Hawaii Cooking. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were hungry to find a way to offer hope to local restaurant owners; their staff; and our family, friends and neighbors.

Through Keep Hawaii Cooking, we partnered with the community to share 10,000 meals and drive more than $600,000 worth of business to local restaurants. The program's catchy lnstagram hashtag continues to live on as a central place for restaurants to share news and for foodies to discover local eateries.

Ready for positive change? 

Finding a good fit is simple with CPB's personal checking account options. CPB has accounts to fit your need, whether thats managing your daily spending or maintaining a long term lifestyle.

We'll work with you to match the right range of features and options to keep your finances at your fingertips.

Set up a time to chat with a Banker at our Main Branch.

Learn about personal checking accounts and open an account. 

Use our Switch Kit to make it easy for you to make the change. 

If you need more information, a CPB team member can compare your current banking services with what we have to offer.