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Digital Banking Upgrades

Digital Banking Upgrades

Digital banking gets better and better

To ensure digital banking simplifies your everyday banking needs, we are continuously making improvements to help streamline your experience. See what new features are available and get excited for what’s coming up next.   

Updated 3/2/23

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More upgrades in the works

Check back to find Digital Banking updates that will be available to you. 

2022-23 enhancements:

  • 1/5/2023 - Forgot Username

  • Ability to get your Username sent to you if you have forgotten your Username to the Online or Mobile Banking services.   

2021 enhancements:

  • Ability to see check images for ATM deposit transactions

  • Ability to set Scheduled Balance Alerts, which are not dependent on transactions triggering the alerts.

  • Resolution of duplicate transaction data when downloading Quicken / Quickbooks files (starting with data from 12/14/2021 onwards).

  • Updating CPB confirmation code message to trigger the auto-population of the multi-factor authentication code on the system for iOS devices.

Live chat in the CPB mobile banking app

Chat live with a CPB virtual assistant while you’re logged in to mobile banking. This feature expedites account authentication allowing us to answer your questions or resolve issues efficiently while you’re banking on the go.

Live chat while desktop banking

Chat live with a CPB virtual assistant while logged in to digital banking on your desktop. This feature expedites account authentication allowing us to answer your questions or resolve issues efficiently.

Authenticated online account opening

Existing CPB customers can open a new checking or savings account or apply for a personal loan while logged in to their digital banking account. The process is even easier with screens pre-filled with your information and allowing you to skip past authentication.

Description for internal transfers

Users can add a description to internal transfers, which will help you remember the purpose of the transaction.


Quick links to pay or draw from your CPB loan or line

Loan and Line of Credit customers can make a payment or draw funds directly from the Account Summary or Account Activity pages.

Enhanced Account Activity page layout

  • Tap the icon to show or hide your account number and tap the  icon to copy your account number.
  • Option to collapse or expand the Account Details section, which includes information such as your account type, date of account opening, and available balance.
  • Streamlined the search function making it easier to find past transactions. Select your account from the drop-down list, enter desired filters and click Update button (previously Search).