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Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2023

Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2023

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report

To effectively meet the needs of our local community, we’ve  committed to being an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) leader. Accordingly, we’ve identified four pillars that are of greatest importance. Our ESG report illustrates how we support these goals and our progress towards meeting them. Our Sasb Commercial Bank Disclosure.


The four pillars of CPB are:

  • Corporate Governance - Protect and enhance the interests of shareholders, with strong Board and executive leadership, and sound corporate governance and risk management practices.
  • Support the Community - Be a leader in support of small business and in philanthropic initiatives across Hawaii.
  • Support of Employees - Recruit and retain an exceptional, diverse workforce and maintain commitment to the health, well-being and success of these employees.
  • Environmental Initiatives - Preserve the natural resources of our islands by implementing energy efficiency and other “green” practices across the organization, and setting targets to increase our customer base and financing in projects in the renewable energy and climate change adaptation sectors.

As a leader in Hawaii’s financial services industry, we are in a position to address social change and support opportunities for growth within our communities. We do this by remaining rooted in the ideals of bringing the Aloha spirit of Hawaii to banking and all that we do.