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ACH Templates

ACH Templates

Navigate to Business apps > ACH Templates.

ACH Templates is where you’ll be able to manage your templates.

You can:

Manage, Initiate or Create ACH Templates

Restrict ACH Template Access


Think of ACH batches as a container holding a group of individual transactions. For example, if you pay ten vendors using ACH, you can send a single batch holding ten transactions.

2. Navigate to Business apps > ACH Templates > Manage/Initiate ACH Templates.

Transaction Type

Choose from the following options.

Company Entry Description

This is a required field.

Enter a short description about the batch for internal use. Maximum is 10 characters in length.


Select Choose a file to select each participant from the stored list, or press Add Participants. Press Save at any time to save the information you’ve entered without leaving this screen.

Press Initiate Prenotes to send a test batch with zero dollar transactions to the routing information in your selected participant records.

Press Cancel to exit without saving any entered information.

Once you have set up the individual transactions for this batch, you can Save and Close to return to the Manage/Initiate ACH Templates screen.

3. Navigate to Business apps > ACH Templates > Manage/Initiate ACH Templates.

Templates Requiring Approval

Approving a Template

Navigate to Business apps > ACH Templates > ACH Activity

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