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Central Pacific Bank Foundation And Legendary Hawaii Athletes Team Up To Fund Hawaii Public High School's Spring Sports Season

Central Pacific Bank Foundation And Legendary Hawaii Athletes Team Up To Fund Hawaii Public High School's Spring Sports Season

HONOLULU, HI | May 12, 2021 – The Central Pacific Bank Foundation (CPB Foundation) teamed up with Hawaii sports legends and others to fund Hawaii’s public high schools’ 2021 spring sports season.

 A year into the pandemic, Hawaii High School sports were in danger of facing another lost season. After a full year without major revenue-generating sports such as football and basketball, public high school athletic budgets have been depleted. The budget shortfalls threatened to shut down high school spring sports for a second consecutive year.

Hawaii professional athletes from the past and present have banded together to make sure that doesn’t happen. Shane Victorino, Marcus Mariota, DeForest Buckner, and the Wally Yonamine and Freeman Foundations have each committed $25,000 in contributions, teaming up with the CPB Foundation to make the 2021 spring season in Hawaii prep sports a reality.

“The CPB Foundation is proud to support Hawaii public school athletics with a lead grant of $100,000,” said Keith Amemiya, CPB Foundation Executive Director. “In a matter of days, our partners swiftly stepped up to contribute to our $250,000 goal, which is a testament to the overwhelming dedication from all for the Hawaii community.”

“Our high school athletes have worked hard to get to this point, and they deserve the opportunity to realize their dreams and compete in a safe environment. The money raised will help bring back seven spring sports: softball, baseball, track and field, tennis, golf, and boys’ volleyball,” added Amemiya.

The funds will be used to pay for supplies, athletic equipment, cleaning costs, personal protective equipment, security, transportation, and game officials.

“As former Hawaii high school athletes who benefited greatly from playing sports, it’s our obligation to give back to our high school athletic programs so that the current athletes have the same opportunities that we had,” said former Major League Baseball All-Star and Gold Glove awardee, Shane Victorino. “Beyond the game itself, sports teach lifelong lessons, create lifetime memories and friendships, and make it possible to achieve your educational and career goals,” said Victorino.

Shane Victorino and DeForest Buckner shared live remarks through videoconference during a press event hosted at Central Pacific Bank’s corporate headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii on May 12, 2021.