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◄  Back to Search Results  |  July 06, 2022

CPB Branch Banking promotions announced

HONOLULU, HI (July 6, 2022) – Central Pacific Bank (CPB) is pleased to announce two leadership and position changes within the Branch Banking Division. 

robert yee

Bob Yee is the new Senior Vice President and Division Manager for Branch Banking. Yee joined CPB in 2007 and served in several capacities including Branch Manager, Branch Banking Regional Manager, Director of Branch Optimization, and most recently as Interim Division Manager of Branch Banking. Yee has done a great job stepping up in his new role and will continue to lead the division with our core market differentiation of superior customer service along with a digital first approach.

francine komine

Francine Komine will become Vice President and East Oahu Region Manager. After joining CPB in 2001, Komine held many positions within Branch Banking including Branch Manager and Branch Banking Sales Program Manager. Komine has led many successful sales campaigns for the Division during her 5-year tenure as Sales Manager, she successfully led a number of branches including Kapiolani and McCully Branch.

“We continue to align our people and business strategy to meet and exceed the needs of our customers, support our Branch teams, and execute on our organizational goals,” said CPB Executive Vice President, Retail Markets and Operations, Kisan Jo. “We look forward to Bob and Francine’s continued leadership as they take on these new roles and continue to make a positive contribution to Central Pacific Bank.”