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Business Loans and Lines

Business Loans and Lines

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Fund your future with commercial lending options that give you the money to do more.

Central Pacific Bank is here to help you meet your business goals with flexible terms that fit your cash flow – empowering you to upgrade technology, update equipment, purchase property or make renovations.

As your partners, we’ll take the time to uncover the complexities of your business and put in place the financing you’ll need to achieve your objectives.

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Business Express Line of Credit

Our Business Express Line of Credit is a great way to:

  • Load up on inventory
  • Take advantage of discounts
  • Pay operating expenses
  • Supplement cash flow
  • Overdraft protection

Business Express Term Loan

As your company grows, so does your need for access to working capital. Our Business Express Term Loan may be the perfect solution that can help you achieve your next growth milestone.

Small Business Administration Loans

Central Pacific Bank SBA Loans can help you do things like:

  • Start a business
  • Purchase equipment
  • Expand operations

Healthcare Practice Loans

We provide financing solutions for medical professionals to:

  • Acquire a practice
  • Start up a new practice
  • Purchase equipment
  • Renovate or expand your office space

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Our team of local experts can help you afford to:

  • Buy a building
  • Expand an existing location
  • Renovate property
  • Refinance a current mortgage

Association (AOAO) Loan Program

Central Pacific Bank's Association Loans is a commercial lending option that provides financing for:

  • Repair and renovations to common areas of the project
  • Building upgrades
  • Equipment purchases
  • Resident manager unit purchases
  • Lease to fee purchases