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Digital Banking Overview

Take your digital banking to the next level.

The new CPB digital banking experience is here and conveniently accessible from your desktop or mobile device. Now, there is an easier way to do your banking – without actually having to take a trip to the bank.

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Smart services

Access practical tools that empower you to manage your money and map your financial future.

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Attractive design

Clear navigation so you can quickly locate your favorite features such as budgets or bill pay.

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Stronger security

Device authentication and an option to enable fingerprint verification for quick and safe login.



With the new simple and secure mobile banking app, you'll still have access to the functions you're familiar with - like your transaction history, transferring funds between accounts or mobile check deposit. Even better, you'll have beneficial tools to help you make informed decisions about your money and improve your financial health.

Digital Banking Video Tutorials

  • eStatements
  • Online Banking
  • Online Bill Pay
  • TransferNow
Protect Your Device.

Do not allow others access to your computer. You should not allow anyone to use your computer as such individual could gain access to your private and personal information, to your passwords, PINs and other security configurations, and to your applications and systems, which such individual could then use to steal your identity and steal from you and your financial accounts and funds through conducting banking, financial, and other transactions using your name and passwords. Fraudsters will commonly attempt to gain access to a victim’s computer under false pretenses such as helping the victim get a government payment or cash prize online or helping the victim with making a transaction or accessing an application. Fraudsters will use all modes of communication to contact victims, such as via phone, emails, websites, and text messages. Be extra careful before responding to sources you don’t know.

To improve your digital security, avoid using the same username and password for multiple applications. And, if you have been using the same username and password for a long time you should change it.