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Direct Connect for Quicken (Windows)

Direct Connect for Quicken (Windows)

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We'll help you set up Direct Connect for Quicken on your Windows computer.

If your CPB account was connected to your Quicken program before 12/9/22, you’re using Web Connect (WC). The following steps will guide you through the process of switching to Direct Connect (DC). If you’re connecting your CPB account(s) to Quicken for the first time, please skip to Set Up Now.

Have questions about the differences between Web and Direct Connect? Check out our FAQ.

Click on Tools > Account List.


Click on Edit.


On the Account Details dialog box, go to the Online Services tab. Click on Change connection method
if the option is there. If not, click Deactivate instead. Click Yes to confirm. 

Once the account has been deactivated, or if you are setting up for the first time, click on Set up Now.


Search for Central Pacific Bank and select “DC” for Direct Connect. Click Next to continue.

Enter your CPB Online Banking credentials and click Connect.

You may see an error, but don’t worry; this is expected if you have never set up Direct Connect before. Let’s help you fix that. Log in to your Online Banking and navigate to Profile > Connected Apps.

You’ll see Quicken is awaiting authorization. Click the check box and then Authorize, and you should
see the application under Connected Apps. You’re ready to go.

Go back to your Quicken program, make sure Try Again Now is selected, and then press Next. You
should now see Quicken looking for your accounts.

It’s very important to complete this next step carefully, so you don’t get missing or duplicated transactions. After your accounts load, map each one to an existing account in your Quicken by using the “Link to an existing account” menu.

Click Next, then Finish. Congrats, you’re all set to use Direct Connect!