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◄  Back to Search Results  |  February 26, 2024

Bridging Hawaii and Japan: The CPB and Tokyo Star Bank Partnership

As one of the best regional banks in Hawaii, we are proud to have forged a strong alliance with Japan's Tokyo Star Bank (TSB). This partnership not only showcases our expertise in doing business with Japan but also highlights our commitment to fostering economic growth and development between Japan and Hawaii.

For many years, Japan has been one of Hawaii's top sources of visitors and investors. The cultural similarities, beautiful landscapes, and shared love for the ocean have made Hawaii a popular destination for Japanese tourists. However, the relationship between these two Pacific neighbors goes beyond just tourism. It is also marked by strong economic ties, with Japan being one of Hawaii's largest trading partners.

CPB's Partnership with Tokyo Star Bank

Founded by nisei veterans 70 years ago, Central Pacific Bank recognized this potential early on and has been actively investing in building relationships with Japanese businesses and individuals. In 2019, TSB entered the Hawaii business market, providing financing to resort hotels and secured loans for real estate located on Oahu. This move marked TSB's first foray into the U.S. market, making it an exciting milestone for both banks.

But the partnership didn't stop there. In January 2023, TSB participated in a syndicated loan with CPB for a large-scale resort hotel project. This joint effort not only showcased our commitment to supporting local businesses but also demonstrated the trust and confidence that TSB has placed in us as their partner.

Expanding Support for Customers Seeking to Invest in Hawaii and Japan 

CPB's collaboration with TSB goes beyond just financial services – it extends to knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities as well. Last year, TSB’s Representative Executive Officer and President Takeshi Ito visited Hawaii and held a seminar for CPB customers, deepening the relationship between the two banks.

Through this partnership, TSB’s customers who seek banking services (such as banking accounts and debit cards), and business and investment opportunities in Hawaii can benefit from CPB services, making it easier for Japanese investors to navigate the local financial landscape. In return, TSB will provide domestic business support to CPB customers interested in investing in Japan.

The banks will also work together to revitalize business exchanges between Japan and Hawaii. This includes mutually introducing financial opportunities, creating a network of resources for businesses looking to expand into new markets.

Expertise and Opportunities on Both Sides of the Pacific 

"At Central Pacific Bank, we're thrilled to partner with Tokyo Star Bank, combining our strengths to create something truly special,” says Hikaru Utsugi, Central Pacific Bank’s SVP and General Manager of International Banking. “This partnership isn't just about business – it's about people, connections, and shared values. Together, we're building bridges of friendship, opportunity, and mutual success.”

We are excited about the possibilities that this alliance with Tokyo Star Bank brings. We believe that through our partnership, we can not only foster economic growth but also strengthen the ties between Japan and Hawaii. As experts in doing business with Japan, we are committed to providing our customers with the best services and opportunities on both sides of the Pacific.

Interested in expanding your business to Japan? Learn more about how CPB can help your business find success overseas. 

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