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Here’s why our Employees have Big Smiles when they’re serving you

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Pictured: Wendilee Adkins (center front row) poses with employees from the CPB HR team.

For more than three decades, Wendilee Adkins has been a pillar of Central Pacific Bank’s employee development and training. As the bank’s Training and Development Manager, she developed countless successful initiatives to help thousands of employees grow both professionally and personally. Now, Wendilee is taking on an even more important role as CPB’s Chief Happiness Officer, in charge of putting a smile on our faces.

Wendilee is responsible for ensuring that CPB employees remain engaged in their work and continue to feel valued. She has already been busy at work developing strategies and programs aimed at promoting a positive workplace environment and culture. From implementing team building opportunities and high-quality employee engagement events, to producing policies that support healthy work-life balance, Wendilee is focused on making sure that CPB remains a great place to work.

Wendilee has long been passionate about making sure that CPB employees have the tools and resources they need to succeed in their roles and career development paths. In her position as Chief Happiness Officer, she plans to leverage her experience in training and development to create an even more connected workforce.

“We are so proud of Wendilee for taking the role of Chief Happiness Officer,” said CPB President and CEO Arnold Martines. “She has been an important part of CPB for over 30 years and her tireless efforts to enhance employee engagement will be an invaluable asset to our bank. We look forward to all she will continue to do to promote collaboration and the Spirit of Ohana to build even stronger relationships among our employees.”

From all of us at Central Pacific Bank, we are extremely proud of her for all she has done for our organization over the years. We look forward to all of the great initiatives she develops to ensure we continue to preserve a strong culture of Positively Ohana and Voyaging Spirit.

So when you see a member of the CPB Ohana smiling, think of Wendilee!