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◄  Back to Search Results  |  January 31, 2024

Island Snow Works with CPB Wealth Management to Prepare for the Next Generation

"I always hoped Island Snow could have a next generation."


“We started Island Snow in 1979, with just a single location in International Marketplace. Shave ice is pretty labor intensive so we incorporated clothing sales as well, and it worked. Fast forward some years, and we had stores in Ala Moana, Royal Hawaiian Center, Kailua, and eventually on the mainland, in Canada, and Australia.

Our boys, Brockton and Adam, grew up with the business, tagging the T-shirts in the warehouse and working in the stores. I always hoped Island Snow could have a next generation. But the boys knew how much time and effort it takes to run a small business, and decided it wasn’t for them.

I started to figure out retirement and made deals for our big locations. Then halfway through college, Brockton changed his mind. We only had the little Kailua Beach store left, so we expanded the store and added more merchandise. We later opened a second location in Kailua Town with an in-store Stussy shop, and now have a another Stussy store in the Royal Hawaiian Center.

Meanwhile the boys were looking for financing to buy their own homes, and I called up a friend at Central Pacific Bank to see what they could do to help. We all got together, and CPB made it happen. They were so great to work with, we brought them on for some business services, too. And we’ve since moved all our business to CPB.

I’ve just been so impressed how everybody there stays involved. John works on our business banking, and Laura is a private banker for Brockton and Adam, and they coordinate well. For the boys, these relationships are going to be very helpful in the future. We’re growing. I really like working with my boys. And I feel they'll be ready.”

Connect with our Wealth Management team at 808-544-3542.