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CPB reports ‘bad actors’ posing as CPB employees to perpetuate fraud

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HONOLULU, HI (May 29, 2024) – Central Pacific Bank is reporting an increase in calls and emails to its customers from fraudsters posing as CPB employees to perpetuate fraud on their accounts.

“Unfortunately, we have received increased notifications from our customers of (receiving) suspicious phone calls and emails from ‘Bad Actors’ posing as CPB employees or legitimate agencies attempting to gain access to their accounts,” according to Manny Edmondson, CPB Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. “While our data systems have not been compromised, being diligent and cautious are key to maintaining the integrity of one’s account information.”

According to Edmondson, this kind of fraud is known as an “Imposter Scam,” but it is just one of the different types of cybercrimes, and CPB wants the public to be aware of what to look for so they can protect themselves.

Imposter Scams: In this case, fraudsters reach out to customers as representatives of legitimate entities such as banks and government agencies to illegally obtain customer information such as account credentials, account numbers or even Social Security Numbers.

Spoofing: This involves scammers who manipulate phone numbers or email addresses to appear as though they are coming from a legitimate entity, including banks.

Phishing Emails: These appear to come from a credible source but attempt to trick the recipient into providing sensitive financial information or performing an action.

“Customers should verify the identity of who they are dealing with and know that CPB or any bank would never ask for confidential account information over the phone, via email or text message,” according to Edmondson. “Using two-factor authentication, never sharing your login credentials, avoid utilizing the same or similar passwords for email/social media and financial accounts such as online banking, investment/retirement accounts as well as regularly changing account credentials are basic safeguards everyone should observe.”

Customers of financial institutions who think that they have been a victim of a cybercrime, should contact their financial institution immediately. At CPB, customers may call the Customer Service Center at (808) 544-0500 or visit the nearest CPB branch. Additional information is available from the following reputable agencies.

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