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Common Questions

Common Questions

Please see common questions and answers for digital banking.

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“Is digital banking safe?”

Have peace of mind knowing that your accounts are safe and secure with 24/7 monitoring by automated fraud detection systems and our dedicated Fraud team! We also regularly perform security testing to ensure our security systems remain effective.


“I enjoy coming to the branch and talking to the tellers. Can I still enjoy the person-to-person experience?”

Central Pacific Bank was founded by the community for the community, and we love seeing our customers! We will always do what is best for them as we view our customers as members of our extended family. We understand how busy life can get. Central Pacific Bank’s digital and mobile banking provides our customers the freedom and convenience to do their banking on their time. You can even chat live with a Central Pacific Bank virtual assistant while logged in to digital banking on your mobile device or desktop computer if you have any questions.


“What if I have difficulty retaining new information?”

We understand that learning something new does not come overnight. Central Pacific Bank has dedicated representatives at each branch who are committed to educating our customers using online and mobile banking. These individuals will be more than happy to assist you and can answer any questions you may encounter along the way.


“What if I forget my password?”

Central Pacific Bank's online banking platforms allow customers to reset their passwords if/when needed, using the Forgot Password option. Resetting your password is made safe, easy, and secure so that only you can reset it when you can't remember. To reset your password: From either our CPB.BANK login or the mobile app, click Forgot Password (located below or next to the Login button). Follow the steps. Customers may also contact our Customer Service Center at 808-544-0500 if further assistance is required.


“What languages are available?”

English and Japanese are the two language options currently available for online and mobile banking platforms. Our ATM's allow customers to select their language preference. The current language options for our ATMs are English, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese.