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Online Banking

Provides convenient and secure access to your accounts while on the go. Choose from SMS text banking, mobile website browser banking, or downloadable apps for iPhone® and Android™.

Online Banking
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Online Banking Is Free

Online Banking Is Free

All you need is:

  • A Central Pacific Bank account
  • An Internet connection
  • Supported browser software installed (This includes the three recent publicly available versions of Chrome, IE, Firefox & Safari.)

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Demo / Got A Question?

Send us a secure message via our Online Banking system. Still not sure if online banking is for you? Take a test drive.

View Check Images Online

View Check Images Online

Ever wondered who you made that check out to a few months ago? Our Online Banking system allows you to view and print the scanned images of the front and back of the checks that have posted to your account.

It’s free, easy and convenient to use through Online Banking. Just click on the “View Check Image” link next to the check number of the check you wish to view. If you don’t have Online Banking, it’s easy to ENROLL.

You can:

  • View images of the checks that have posted to your account.
  • Verify who you wrote the check to, how much and when it was processed.
  • Print your check images whenever you want.
  • Save the environment by reducing your paper storage.

Transfer Funds Between Accounts

Need to move money from your savings account to your checking? Do it online using our quick transfer functionality and it can be done in seconds.

You can set up automatic recurring transfers as a fast and easy way to reach your savings goal faster. Choose the frequency and dollar amount of your transfers without having to remember if and when you've made the transfer. If you decide that you no longer want to keep the recurring transfer, you can cancel it at any time!

If you need to move money right away, you can make a transfer between your accounts whenever you need to. Move money from your checking, savings, loans and creditline accounts. Select your frequency to ONCE, enter the transfer amount and select next. Confirm your transfer information and submit it. It's that easy.

Account Activity

Account Activity

View deposits and withdrawals to your account - the same day you made them. Made a deposit at 9 in the morning? See it credited to your account by the time you log on at home.

Download Account Activity

Make balancing your checkbook a breeze. Up to 15 months of your account history can be retrieved and saved in Quicken®, Quickbooks® or a CSV (comma separated value) file.

Schedule E-mail Alerts

Want to know when your account dips below a certain amount? You choose the types of alerts you want and it will be sent to the primary email address we have on file for you. You can always add, delete or change your alerts at any time.

Managing your contacts and email addresses is easy. Set up multiple email addresses to notify you of any alerts you have created.

Re-Order Checks

No need to visit our branch, or even call our Customer Service Center when your check stock runs low. Just log on and click on the Other Services tab and click on the Reorder Checks link.

Follow the online instructions, and your new checks are mailed directly to you. (You must have ordered checks with us within the last 24 months in order to re-order checks online.)