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◄  Back to Search Results  |  February 11, 2024

CPB is rooted in love, community and taking care of each other.

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Carissa Moore

World and Olympic Champion Surfer and Activist

“Central Pacific Bank has been with me through my Olympic journey, my last few years on tour and my recent evolution as I step back from the tour. Through it all, the CPB team has been so kind-hearted, supportive and loving. They’re truly not just another bank – there’s heart behind the bank.

As just one example, CPB made a very generous donation to my Moore Aloha Foundation to support our exchange between Hawaii and Japan in 2023. That meant a lot to me and showed me that they value our partnership outside of me as a competitive athlete, but as a human. They really believe in helping me help others.

CPB steps up. They have shown up for me in my career, and they’re going to show up for you. They’re going to help you with your goals and the planning that’s necessary to make your dreams a reality.

I’m in a process now of change and growth as my life evolves, and I appreciate that CPB is standing by me. I hope we can continue to make more magic and share more love with the world. With good intentions, good values and good love, there’s no limit to the things we can do together.”

What could you do if someone believed in you?

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