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Where's Alex

Where's Alex

Alex taught us to be fiercely loyal

Alex captivated audiences wherever he went. Upon his arrival at community events, there would be a beat of hushed silence. Crowds would part to give him space. People would stop in their tracks, turning their heads to catch a glimpse of his shimmery golden hair. He’d let out a gentle “woof!” and everyone would laugh and clap to show their admiration.

Alex, a Shetland sheepdog who, joined CPB in 2002 and served an instrumental role as our bank loyalty officer. He retired in 2009 to pursue work in community service. However, after a few years of missing engaging the CPB ohana, he returned in a new role as the bank’s mascot promoting fiercely loyal banking.

In 2020, Alex decided it was time to return to retirement, which would free up his days to take on new challenges and live his best life. 

We made sure to honor Alex’s legacy by including him in our new look. His illustration pays homage to his many years of faithful service and complements the friendly characters who represent our cherished customers and breathe new life into our brand.

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