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◄  Back to Search Results  |  February 21, 2023

5 vacation cities for locals (and how to finance them)

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Different ways to pay your way

After a few years of staycations and limited travel, kama‘ᾱina are now itching to scratch their travel bugs and see the world. But with so many travel options, what are the best destinations to visit when you live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? And more importantly, what are your options if you need help financing your trip? Let’s explore five cities to chase your wanderlust without breaking the bank.

  1. Auckland, New Zealand

    It isn’t easy to impress people from Hawaii when it comes to natural beauty. But New Zealand is guaranteed to take your breath away. Located on New Zealand’s North Island, Auckland is the most populated city in the country and is an exciting mix of urban sophistication and outdoor adventure. The city is a hub for exploring parks, beaches, and marine life, while still enjoying world-class food, arts, and culture. Visit wineries on Waiheke Island, go stargazing on Great Barrier Island, or take a movie tour to the scenic sets of “The Lord of the Rings.” Best of all, Hawaiian Airlines offers a nine-hour, nonstop flight from Honolulu.

  1. Vancouver, Canada

    Another city that mixes the pleasures of town and country is Vancouver. This is one of Canada’s biggest and ethnically diverse cities, so there’s always something to do or see. You can take a bike ride around scenic Stanley Park in the morning, go shopping and dining on Robson Street in the afternoon, and order some cocktails along Granville Street at night. Canada Place on Vancouver’s waterfront is also a popular port of call for Alaskan cruises. Or you can take a scenic, 3-hour road trip to neighboring Seattle.

  1. Los Angeles, California

    If you have young children, a trip to Los Angeles can only mean one thing: Disneyland. But there’s plenty of magic in Los Angeles beyond the Magic Kingdom. This vibrant city is a cultural hotspot for arts, entertainment, and cuisine. Visit LA landmarks like the Griffith Observatory or the Santa Monica Pier or browse museums like the Getty or the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. And make your reservations early for some of the best Mexican, Korean, and celebrity chef-helmed restaurants in America.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

    What is it about the Ninth Island that has locals returning over and over again? Is it the glitz, glamour, and massive scale of Vegas’s casinos and shows? Is it that Vegas is constantly evolving and changing, so every visit is different? Is it the adventure of being far from home in a city where anything can happen while still feeling safe in a community where you can still order a good oxtail soup? Let’s face it, it’s probably the gambling. Whatever your reasons, you’ll always have a good time in Vegas.

  1. Tokyo, Japan

    One of the most exciting cities in the world is only an eight-hour flight away. While Japanese love to visit Hawaii, it’s time for locals to return the favor now that travel restrictions have been lifted. Only in Tokyo can you get lost in a maze of cutting-edge electronic shops in Akihabara and visit a nearly 1,400-year-old temple on the same day. Visit iconic spots like the Shibuya crosswalk and Tokyo Tower, eat at a classic ramen or tonkatsu shop, or travel north by bullet train to relax in a peaceful onsen. Wear comfortable shoes because you’ll reach new step counts in Tokyo.

Now, if we had the choice, we’d likely travel every three-day weekend and vacation we had off. But big trips come with big price tags. Airfare, transportation, hotel, meals, tours, and more can add up to thousands of dollars. If you’ve exhausted your savings, there are options to help you finance your trip so you can pay for it over time.

Your first option is the obvious choice: using your credit card. While flexible and convenient for traveling, credit cards also come with higher interest rates depending on the card you use. Be sure to check your credit card terms and benefits to choose the best credit card to make the most of your trip.

The second option is taking out a vacation loan. A vacation loan is an unsecured personal loan that doesn’t require collateral. For well-qualified borrowers, you could get a lower rate than what you would pay for your credit card. You’ll also receive your money in one lump sum, and you’ll have the predictability of paying for your loan in monthly installments over a fixed period. Cons include adding to your monthly debt and the length of payment over time. But a vacation loan may end up saving you money versus a credit card.

We all deserve a vacation, but it’s important to be financially savvy about how you plan to pay for it. After all, a once-in-a-lifetime trip shouldn’t take a lifetime to pay off. Learn more about CPB Personal Loans.