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◄  Back to Search Results  |  February 11, 2024

Our relationship with CPB just keeps getting sweeter.

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Erin Kanno Uehara

Owner & Chocolate Connections Officer, Choco le‘a

“At Choco le‘a, we’re all about bringing peace to our world, one chocolate at a time. Chocolate really is a powerful force for bringing people together, which is why my title is Chocolate Connections Officer.

Although we’re a small company, we have big dreams and aspirations. It truly makes a difference that Central Pacific Bank believes in us. Their business banking team supports us and lifts us up.

They definitely make me feel like I have a partner. I wear so many hats as a business owner, so it’s wonderful to know I have a support system for the financial side. They help my bookkeeper with operational needs like cash deposits and checks. They’re also there for any questions we may have. The team at CPB are so efficient and reliable. They are really on it.

My CPB business banker goes above and beyond. She buys chocolate from us, she shares them with people, she introduces me to other small businesses. She even nominated us for the SBA award for small business of the year – and we actually won!

It goes to a whole other level with CPB. It’s about making business and banking better – and about making Hawaii better.

After the incredible experience I had with CPB on the business side, I moved my personal banking there too. I’m such a proud CPB member, both personally and professionally.”

What could you do if someone believed in you?

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