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◄  Back to Search Results  |  January 31, 2024

Inatsuka Engineering Works with CPB for Financial Peace of Mind

“CPB gives us financial peace of mind. We trust them.”


“We started our engineering consultancy in 2011, and when we were doing our business plan we reached out to a friend we knew at Central Pacific Bank who really helped. They got us started with an account, a line of credit, but probably most importantly, good business advice for our new company. Those first years were tough, but CPB was always there for us.

We had always heard about their exceptional service, but once we became business customers, we really learned what that meant. Always friendly, helpful, and watching our back.

We had our personal banking at another bank for 20 years, but after the great service with our business banking, we decided to move all our personal accounts to CPB, too. We later learned they provide wealth management services as well, so we moved our investment accounts there and consolidated everything.

It’s been like five years now, and it has made a huge difference. We just had no clue there was a financial support system like this.

Our bank team — Susan, Mike, Anna-Lena, and Phuong — all coordinate our business, private, and wealth management needs, and helped us reorganize our finances. They’re always making sure we're maximizing what we have and responding quickly…sometimes we’ll get an immediate reply back from them at 1am. When the pandemic hit, CPB proactively reached out to start our PPP loan application, and
saw it through the whole process. Thanks to that, we didn’t have to lay anyone off. That was huge for our company.

Honestly, we actually look forward to banking. Just calling up, or going into the branch, we know we’re going to get a smile. They truly care for people. We trust them. It sounds like a cliché, but CPB really gives us financial peace of mind. With no hassles.”

Connect with our Wealth Management team at 808-544-3542.