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◄  Back to Search Results  |  January 31, 2024

Nexthome Ku Realty Shares About CPB Private Banking

“We feel like CPB is our private bank.”


“We had been at both of the big banks — for decades — but no one ever seemed to care that we were there. Every year or so our loan officer would change, so there was never any continuity. It was like we just weren’t big enough to get on their radar. We thought there should be someone out there that we’d be meaningful to.

Our real estate business was growing, and we wanted more flexibility and help. We didn’t care if it was called a personal banker or whatever…we just wanted some attention, and good advice.

So Lynda was talking with some friends, and one was a client at CPB who said ‘I love my banker!’ and rattled off all these services her bank did for her. And, wow, we wanted to feel like that. And the friend introduced us to Anna-Lena and Mike at Central Pacific Bank.

They took us to lunch, and it was just love at first sight. They were so engaged and professional. Our experience had always been that the bank wanted something from us. This was the first time where the bankers wanted to do something for us. We’ve actually become good friends, and we know we can call anytime for banking or financial questions.

Never have we been thrown into that bureaucratic nightmare that is most banks. It’s a partnership, like someone’s rooting for you to succeed, and going out of their way to help you be creative. Their team has an incredible amount of knowledge. They brought in trust specialists to help advise us, just to have a second set of eyes on our plans, and it was free.

We feel like CPB is our private bank. A bank that has our back in bad times and good times. And we can rest easier, knowing they’re looking out for our family’s financial well-being.”


Connect with our Wealth Management team at 808-544-3542.