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Business Checking Accounts

Business Checking Accounts

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Build your business with a business checking account that meets your unique banking needs.

Choose from four CPB checking account options for your growing business.

Simplicity. Convenience. Flexibility. Benefits. We’ll help you identify the right combination of features and options to keep your business moving forward.

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Business Exceptional Plan

Combine business balances across linked accounts and put your money to work for your business.

  • There is no charge for the first 325 deposited items and/or checks paid each statement period. 1
  • Get reimbursed for ATM fees worldwide2,3,4
  • Foreign Currency Fee waived on the purchase or sale of foreign currency
  • Waived or discounted application fee on selected loans and lines of credit5

Business Value Checking

Start your business on track with checking account benefits tailor-made for small businesses which are just starting out or have moderate checking needs with this popular business checking account.

  • There is no charge for the first 100 deposited items and/or checks paid each statement period.1
  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly fee with online statements6
  • No minimum opening deposit

Analyzed Business Checking

Use higher balances to earn credits that offset transaction fees.

  • No minimum balance
  • Minimum opening deposit varies (see branch for details)
  • Earnings credit is calculated each statement period and used to offset transaction fees

Performance Business Checking

Make the most of tiered interest rates with checking designed for sole proprietors, fiduciaries and certain non-profit organizations.

  • There is no charge for the first 100 deposited items and/or checks paid each statement period.1
  • $1,500 minimum daily balance to avoid a $9 monthly service charge
  • $750 minimum opening deposit
  • Earns tiered interest rates
  1. Deposited items include deposit slips and each check. Additional items are $0.25 each. Each ATM & Mobile deposit generates a digital deposit slip. 
  2. Non-CPB ATMs may impose surcharges that are separate from and in addition to our Non-CPB ATM Transaction Fees and should disclose their surcharge fee at the beginning of the transaction.
  3. Transactions made at non-CPB ATMs are subject to our Non-CPB ATM Transaction Fees.
  4. We will reimburse you up to $4 per transaction for ATM surcharges from other banks and ATM operators incurred on your Business Exceptional Checking account for ATM usage nationwide.
  5. On approved credit. For a line of credit up to $100,000. For a line of credit over $100,000 an application fee of 0.25% will apply, less a $125 discount. Example: A $200,000 (line of credit) x 0.25% - $125 (discount) = $375.00.
  6. A paper statement fee of $10.00 will be charged per statement period. This fee is waived for the first calendar month in which the Account is opened. For subsequent months, the fee can be waived in one of three ways: 1. Enroll in Online Statement service through Online Banking, or 2. Link your Business Value Checking to a Business Exceptional Plan, or 3. Maintain an average balance of $5,000.00 or more during the statement period. The average balance is calculated by adding together the ending balances from each day during the statement period and dividing the total by the number of days in the statement period.
  1. For more details, visit any branch or contact our Customer Service Center