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Updates and News

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Island Snow Works with CPB Wealth Management to Prepare for the Next Generation

We started Island Snow in 1979, with just a single location in International Marketplace. Shave ice is pretty labor intensive so we incorporated clothing sales as well, and it worked.

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Inatsuka Engineering Works with CPB for Financial Peace of Mind

We started our engineering consultancy in 2011, and when we were doing our business plan we reached out to a friend we knew at Central Pacific Bank who really helped. They got us started with an account, a line of credit, but probably most importantly, good business advice for our new company.

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Nexthome Ku Realty Shares About CPB Private Banking

We had been at both of the big banks — for decades — but no one ever seemed to care that we were there. Every year or so our loan officer would change, so there was never any continuity.

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